Make or Buy

The cost comparison of making product versus buying products to sell

Are you the creative type with the skills to make your own product to launch to market or have you seen something you would like to sell?

Finding your niche product to sell online is probably the first hurdle to overcome. Then second is how and where to get this product from.

We have many talented Kiwi’s with the ingenuity to design and make their own products and just seeking to find a launching platform to create demand and profit. If you can, this is a great option! Just make sure you have the scalability to ensure your efforts can keep up with production as demand grows. Do not be afraid to go in search of new suppliers to streamline as you endeavour to keep costs down.

If you have seen something you think is fantastic overseas or online yourself, that you can see a demand for, then go forth and research, research, research. You can never know too much about where and how to bring a new product into the NZ marketplace.

Finding a reliable manufacturer or supplier can be a major hurdle and ensuring exclusivity is often essential. NZ is a small market and can be very competitive, so make sure you have a point of difference.

With any product, it comes down to having a passion for it. You are your best salesperson, and the more you know about your product(s) the better. Make sure that it is something that you would use yourself, nothing is better than selling through word of mouth and with any new product, that starts with you!