Customs, Clearance & Delivery

Customs, Clearance and Delivery Navigating New Zealand customs’ requirements and regulations for you Getting your chosen product into NZ can sometimes be tricky to navigate. There are many regulations around the type of products and documentation that may be needed to ensure easy arrival. We work with selected brokers who can ensure your product is […]


Influencer Marketing What is the value in Influencer marketing? Influencer marketing should be a part of any modern-day marketing plan. Word of mouth has always been the most effective way to sell a product or service and audiences react much better to content created by their peers as opposed to traditional brand-lead content. Finding the […]

Website Building

Website Building How to build a eCommerce site right Looking for a beautiful and high performing website? We develop and design websites for all types, shapes and sizes of business. From bloggers and local businesses to high performing e-commerce websites. We keep this very simple, and keep you close through the development of your website […]


Importing Goods into New Zealand Importing can be a daunting process, but we can help. If you are looking to source products from overseas, we have the contacts with freight forwarders you need to expedite your product, both full containers or palletised. Customs brokers will help arrange clearances for your goods, so ensure you know […]


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Warehousing Unique solutions for every product need We recognise that every product is different. Protecting these and making them readily available, with a range of storage options including palletised spacing and customisable shelving, is essential for accurate and timely dispatch. We offer you a:

Pick & Pack

Pick and Pack Getting goods from the warehouse to the consumer with ease As part of the golden triangle, our Tauranga-based warehouse is in an enviable position, close to the country’s largest port and excellent nationwide freight routes. It has built a niche position in the market by specialising in small goods pick and pack […]

Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing Is social media marketing worth the effort? Wasting hour after hour creating paid ads that don’t give you any leads, sales or even any engagement? Feeling like your ad costs are going through the roof? Feeling like your competition is absolutely crushing it on Facebook, Google & YouTube while you’re battling to […]


Packaging of Goods Bespoke packaging for your business needs Often overlooked until the last minute, packaging is not only necessary to protect your products, but also a great way to build your brands visual identity. There is a variety of customisable options, from bags to boxes, and many eco-friendly alternatives to perfectly fit your product. […]

Couriers & Freight

Couriers and Freight Getting the best courier and freight pricing in New Zealand We are independent and have no contracts or commitments to any one courier or freight company. Every product is different and every client has preferences in the level of service and delivery times that they would like to promise to their client […]

The eComm Flow

The eComm Flow Keeping everything on track and on target We help you make sure that your eCommerce business remains on track towards your goals and that you don’t waste time and money on unnecessary investments early on.  There is a pretty standard flow to all start-up eCommerce businesses. It goes something like: STEP 1: […]