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Born in the sunny Bay of Plenty, I grew up close to the beach, New Zealand’s largest port and often travelled through the ‘golden triangle’. Working in accountancy and management consultancy, I studied at nights gaining my business degree. An enjoyable detour into graphic design followed where I learnt the importance of visual media. I then joined my first B2B (business to business) wholesaler position, where over several years, I grew a marketing department, helped create a business website, sourced products, starting importing direct and was involved in the processing of orders and daily operational management of the warehouse and sales staff.

Starting my first business dealing directly with end-consumers, I came to understand the importance of building relationships and that every client had a unique story, helping to better meet their needs, which where often understated.

Later I came across a business importing and distributing products B2B in NZ. I grew this from a single range of bulk products (dispatching from containers at home), to an extensive range of supporting products available also to retailers and a large growing database of on-line home shoppers.

After outgrowing space, I was unable to find a warehouse with a pack and dispatch service to handle small goods and often combined product orders, so I was quick to recognise the need for this service in the rapidly developing eCommerce sector. After all, if I needed such a service, surely others would too? And they did!

My 3PL logistics business, started with just my own business and quickly gained several clients and our warehouse space quadrupled in size within two years. I learnt a lot about the struggles many existing and startup businesses have launching to the NZ market and keeping up with the quickly evolving technologies, services and marketing media.

Networking with others in the eCommerce sector and having honest discussions around how services seemed so non-cooperative, I decided to combine all the knowledge and skills learnt over the past years to launch NZ’s first eCommerce Hub.

I am also proud to work alongside other entrepreneurs as a business mentor and business coach.

Monique Groothuis
Monique Groothuis - Managing Director

Project Manager and Gantt Chart guru

I was born a south London boy and been kiwi bound for the past sixteen years and loving the lifestyle. With thirty plus years experience, I stumbled into the industry by accident.  After finishing school I was invited to work alongside my father to get some work experience and ‘stop bumming around’.  Since then, I have worked my way up through the ranks in various industries and now focus on client-side project management.  I have worked for some of the biggest companies and was honoured to be part of  prestigious and award winning projects.

I believe in being honest and showing integrity while getting projects done in the most efficient manner, setting realistic time frames and budgets and sticking to them.  This can sometimes mean juggling several tasks at a time and this is where working alongside a great trusting team means we can all excel.

Project Manager and Gantt Chart guru
Kevin Long - Project Manager and Gantt Chart Guru

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