Fifth Party Logistics (5PL)

What is it and why do you need it?

Are you ready for the future of logistics?

In recent years 5PL has emerged as an innovative solution to meet the demands of the rapidly growing e-commerce sector. It is a relatively new term in the logistics industry and reflects the development of full logistic integration through many outsourced providers.

The definition of a 5PL, or fifth-party logistics provider, is a business that can manage an entire network of supply chains. When a 5PL is hired by a company, they take care of planning, organizing, and managing all of the company’s supply chain operations. This can include consultancy, strategising your logistics, liaising with business service providers, coordinating the supply chain, projects, employing 3PL services and supplier networks.

As a fifth party logistics provider we help develop and implement, in close consultation with our clients, the best possible solutions for you. This allows you to be able to make better business decisions, which is why our 5PL management services save you time and money and are the ideal choice for your e-commerce business.

Image credit: Falcon Fulfillment